The Real Story Behind Hello Kitty

hellokittystoryHello Kitty, the iconic white cat with a red bow, dots for eyes, and absent mouth that’s mysteriously cute as hell. I employed to be into Hello Kitty stuff huge time when I was a kid (Hello Kitty stationary and pencil boxes ftw) and nevertheless buy Hello Kitty stuff from time for you to time even now.

Should you think of it even though it’s remarkable that some thing might be so universally well-known but the average purchaser of Hello Kitty merchandise does not possess a clue as to what it is about or what the story behind it truly is.


In some circumstances urban legends have stepped in to fill the void of details and you’ll locate folks on the market saying things like the whole Hello Kitty line of toys may be the function on the Devil.

Oh you didn’t know? Hello Kitty was apparently began when a mother of a child dying of cancer created a pact with all the Lord Of the Underworld ™. When the Devil spared her child’s life then in return she would start a toy organization that payed homage to him. Makes sense appropriate? I imply who wouldn’t appear at Hello Kitty stuff and not consider ‘homage for the Devil’?

An additional surprisingly depressing urban legend says that Hello Kitty was 1st drawn by a kid of an abusive parent. In accordance with this legend she drew the cat with no a mouth because she wanted a character to confide in that couldn’t inform regarding the abuse and get her in trouble.

But what’s the actual story behind Hello Kitty and seriously what’s up with the mouth factor?

Hello Kitty initial came into being within the 70’s when a then new organization referred to as Sanrio necessary to come up with a merchandise mascot that would appeal towards the preteen girl demographic.

They commissioned an artist to work on the project and she came up with a drawing of a white Japanese Bobtail cat that had a red bow in it is hair and was wearing blue overalls. It is possible to see the original Hello Kitty idea around the coin purse inside the picture above, which was the initial Hello Kitty item ever.

A entire back story for Hello Kitty was developed, which can be essentially this:

Hello Kitty is actually a nickname for Kitty White, who’s not Japanese but truly British and lives in London with her household.

She features a twin sister named Mimmy. The only way you are able to tell the two apart is by their bows, Hello Kitty wears a red bow and Mimmy wears a yellow one.

She is in the third grade but when school’s out she travels the globe producing new close friends. She is bright, kind-hearted, and loves the outdoors.

Favorite meals: apple pie. Favorite word: friendship (of course). Height: 5 apples tall. Had sufficient cute but lol?

But why does not she possess a mouth?

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Hello Kitty Flash Games

hello-kitty-vector---clipart-best-2l3pdbeoAre you tired of routine games on your phone or PC? Do you stare at your computer not knowing what next to do? If your answer to those questions is yes, then you need a little touch of sunshine to help brighten your life. There are a number of people that get bored with their PCs on or their smartphone powered on but still get fed up of what they can do – this can be a very annoying thing to do especially if you hate being bored. Hello Kitty games have a lot in stock for you!

Today, you cannot only see Hello Kitty in your accessory and clothing store but can also find Hello Kitty and friends somewhere on the internet waiting for you to hangout with them through their fun adventure games. You have the opportunity to download the game to your phone and enjoy the entertainment for free. Hello Kitty Games can also be played at your convenience with your PC. The download is easy and as it is offered free, you get everything running smooth.

In order to download Hello Kitty games, you need to visit the website that has the Hello Kitty game, locate the download page to the game and download at the website. After you have downloaded the game, you can go on with the games and prepare to face tens of adventures. After playing these games, you will never ever be bored again.

Hello Kitty Games are fun, entertaining and educating. There are lots of reasons why you should choose to play them when you are bored. Remember, these games are free of charge and some websites will allow you subscribe for daily updates on this game – you will not be forced to perform any action as everything will be a your will so you are in charge! Also, you may think this game is meant for small children only but the truth is, when you begin to play with your kids as an adult, you’d soon fall in love with it. Parents need not to worry about any effect of these games simply because they are made for all; in essence, anyone can play them without restrictions.

People who love Play Hello Kitty games have a major area of interest and it is that they have their creative imagination explored as the games bring a lot of places for you to play on. Hello Kitty games are good examples of games where you get to control your character and design it as you wish. Enjoy fun-filled Hello Kitty games and give boredom a quit notice!

Why Flash Gaming Is So Addictive?

Online-Gaming-Tournament-online-gaming-1212638_610_426Flash gaming has become extremely popular in recent years and everybody seems to be hooked on to them. Whether on mobile devices or laptops, desktop computers or tablets – flash games are everywhere and I have found them to be extremely enjoyable alright but that is not the only reason we love them. There are various other reasons that make them attractive for me.

The Popularity of Flash Games – Reasons for Its Enduring Appeal

Flash gaming is ubiquitous and we all love due to varied reasons:

1. First of all, you can play these in various platforms and these very less hardware requirements. You can play these on any device with a web browser and a fast internet connection. You can just enter the URL of the specific game that you wish to play on your browser. Once it loads, you are ready to play it.
2. You do not need to install them. However, there are some graphic intensive games that need to be installed. If you are not too adept with set up procedures and want no-hassles, no-installation games, you can easily go for games that do not need to be installed. I personally prefer the online games.
3. You do not need some technical skills to operate these games. Only some basic skills and knowledge about computers, mobile devices or any other digital device that you will be playing it on will be enough. Despite lack of advanced skills, I can easily play a lot of games on my mobile and laptop.
4. Most of the flash games to be played can be found for free. Even those that are paid come at cheap costs these days. The majority of paid games also offer free playtime at the initial stages and demand some payment only after you have played a game up to some point. I like this option as I am able to find out what the game is all about before making a payment.
5. There is also a huge variety when it comes to flash gaming. There are many types of games to suit the tastes and preferences of various types of gamers. Whether I need a puzzle game, or an action-packed shooting game or an adventure game or a mystery game, I can get any type that I am in the mood for playing. There are also games of varied duration, from 10 minutes to a couple of hours or more. Some of these can even be played over a few days.

Are Flash Games Here To Stay?

I feel they have still a long way to go before some other kind crops up and they bow out over a span of few years. It may also be the case that the makers introduce new changes into these games so that the format remains the same but gets more exciting for players. With 3D ruling the roost about everywhere, more 3D-supported devices are set to be coming soon and this can have a great impact on the flash gaming scenario.

Imagine one of the suddenly coming up alive in 3D and looking more attractive with the added dimension. This will mean enhanced images, visual effects and a stronger content that can be more focused at sleeker and more visually appealing games. There may also be the scope of playing flash games simultaneously across various platforms and allowing more number of players to stay connected during the entire game playing time. Flash game-only browsers may also come up in more numbers to allow more comfort and better gameplay to gamers across the world.

Soaring Popularity of Flash Games

online-gamingThese days, flash games are to a great degree prominent and exceptionally accessible online and can additionally be downloaded for the smartphones too. This is because of the improvement of technology, especially web-based graphics, for example, flash that permits web games to become more unpredictable and therefore alluring. Practically every web client has run over a flash gaming or an alternate and a hefty portion of us play these games all the time. There is a confusion that these sorts of games don’t have incredible design or they don’t have the same number of levels as a computer games. However in the event that we look on the right sites, we can without much of a stretch find numerous challenging and fun games that would attract us to play with passion. Likewise, the choice of free arcade games is additionally extremely common and alluring for a great number of web clients, despite the fact that they are not what they were previously.

Features that allures most

Free arcade games are full with the most fascinating technologically progressive features and their magnificence lies in the way that they could be either extremely smooth or simple, or exceptionally mind boggling and energizing. Their features draw our consideration and keep us entranced for quite a while, particularly that we can play them any hour of the day or night, without paying a dime. As a rule, flash gaming accompanies a specific number of levels with expanding trouble which doesn’t take much time to learn. They don’t have profound storylines as most console games have, which implies that they are some way or another all the more unwinding. We have the choice of altering these games and even to impart them or contend to our companions with a specific end goal to make the whole encounter additionally energizing.

Then again, when talking about flash games, these are more intricate and current despite the fact that they begin from the conventional arcade games. They utilize a Flash stage which is planned by Macromedia and accompanies three real segments: the player, the authoring tool and the file format. A common flash game is really simple to play yet it is typically important to download a certain form of it so as to delight in it. It accompanies diverse levels of trouble, characters and plots that are based on the same essential idea that stands behind the old arcade games. The great thing about flash games is that there are numerous sorts accessible, particularly for adventure significant others. They include energizing action groupings that oblige focus and give a fulfilling flash gaming background.

Types of flash games

The mixture of flash games incorporates shooting, puzzles, adventure, action, racing and numerous others which could be played both online and offline. Shooting is a standout amongst the most famous flash diversion that obliges player to dispense with specific foes. In any case, the most essential angles that stands behind their prevalence is the simple get to and cross-stage abilities – dissimilar to different games, they don’t oblige a certain product to be introduced on our computer. Flash games speak to an included quality for the gaming business, they are straightforward and accordingly they are the ticket for new stimulation and advanced gaming experience.

Reasons We Like Flash Games

gaming-in-usFor a long time, individuals have been searching for comfort and fun in various exercises. For example, flash gaming has developed in as they can give us the leisure time that we can enjoy utmost while playing the games. In the event that you don’t understand why just about everybody around you is discussing these games, it’s most likely that you have yet to attempt them. Throughout the years, they have developed through a few stages and the ones that are played today are doubtlessly unique in relation to what was accessible first and foremost. Here are the reasons why we have to try such games.

Expanding Friendship

These games could be played with companions. Whether at the workplace or at our home amid the weekends and nights, we have something that continuously brings us near our companions. There is no individual who might want to have separated in the middle of him and his companions. This is the motivation behind why individuals are constantly prepared to do very nearly anything simply to guarantee that their companions live it up when they are as one. Flash gaming makes it possible for individuals to enjoy the time with their friends.

For Family Bonding

It likewise is useful for a family to discover something that unites its parts. In reality, relatives have such a great amount in as something to be shared and it in this manner is evident that they will dependably rely on upon one another for help, organization and different things. Despite the fact that this is the situation, cutting edge lifestyles are driving parts of the same family to invest an excess of time far from one another. Thus, when we spend some time playing together we feel united again. Discussing over a game makes us talk about the game and hence we forget the distance between us.

They Are Good For Children

Separated from family holding and expanding fellowship, these games can likewise help you to captivate your youngsters. Children need something that will keep them captivated amid their leisure time. It is not a decent thing to leave your kids to be sit without moving on the grounds that you simply never recognize what they will be enticed to attempt. You likewise can’t drive them to stay at home without something that will keep them occupied as a youngster can’t develop well if not dynamic.
Hence, the flash games does not only let us pass our time having fun, but also let us get united to people with whom we do not spend much time.